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Big XII Expansion.... Oops

Thoughts by Jockstrap

Since July we have all heard about Big 12 expansion. Sounds good, right. More teams, games, and money. I think the most important thing has to be money.

Why lie to us? Tell us that the B12 must expand to stay in national picture. Also tell us that we need to expand to gain revenue. All lies!!! You played all fans, media, and potential members for fools. This was all a scheme to gain extra money with no intention of expanding. You used everyone to gain a few bucks. Nice work, you made some money. But at what cost?

This league is just like Titanic heading a big iceberg. The iceberg being terrible leadership. This is turning into a sinking ship. Who will be first to bail overboard? My guess is everyone on the outside of B12. National media and other conferences are going to distance themselves as far away from B12 as possible. They are going to make fun of this league and talk about how the B12 is a joke. And they may be right.

The league is way to unstable to make expansion a viable option for anyone. The fact that the B12 just had numerous schools submit request to join the conference. Promising these schools a new conference that they can thrive in for years. Then in one poorly planned press conference by Bob "no spine" Bowlsby, destroy their hopes. Do you think these schools are mad at B12? I'd be. What if the B12 decides to expand in 5 years? If you are in a non-power 5 conference, does the past few months make you want to join B12? The answer is no. They don't want to join a league that is ran by this group of idiots.

This is going to be another black eye to the league. It's a surprise that the B12 can even see after so many punches. Oh wait, we can't see. Because if we could, we would have different leaders running B12.

Future B12 Commissioner (never mind, there won't be a B12 by then),


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