Bold Prediction: OSU loses season opener to Tulsa

By: Joshua Riley

Twitter: Joshua Riley

The Tulsa Golden Hurricane have not had many spectacular season lately. It appeared the program was going to regress following the departure of Todd Graham. However, last year was a great season as the Golden Hurricane managed to secure 10 wins for the first time since an 11-3 record in 2012. The Oklahoma State Cowboys likewise had a great season, finishing it off with a blowout win against Colorado to finish 10-3, something that has become the norm in Stillwater. So the questions is, why do I believe that the Hurricane will upset the Cowboys? It’s simple. The Hurricane are on the rise, and the Cowboys are on the decline. Tulsa may be losing a number of players on offense that could be critical, but they return all but 1 offensive linemen, a 1,000 yard rusher, some talented receivers, and a great offensive minded coach. The biggest question mark for the Hurricane is going to be at QB. Chad President is likely to fill that role, and man oh man is he talented. At 6’3 220 lbs, the former 4 star from Temple, Texas is ready for his shot. He could beat the Cowboys with both his legs and his arm as a running QB has proved to be a pain for the Cowboys in years past. He could easily be the most talented player on the field that Saturday in early September.

Tulsa returning a few starters on offense doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they are going to beat the Cowboys, but it could spell problems for a Cowboys squad who is losing more than half of their defensive starters from a year ago and their biggest play makers at that. The Cowboys aren’t equipped to rely primarily on their high powered offense to win games. The Cowboys will have a lot of questions on the defensive side of the ball that they better get answers to before September 2nd. Otherwise, a Hurricane may sweep through Stillwater ruining the Cowboys season before it really even gets started.

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