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Can you name all of the Universities that participate in Big XII athletics?

Hint: There is more than ten universities in Big XII

I was prepare for Big XII (B12) conference winter and spring sports. I thought of a couple great questions that's sure to win you a few drinks at a local watering hole. First, How many universities compete in B12 athletics? and second, can you name them? Good luck, I had to look it up and read the names twice to make sure I wasn't mistaking.

We all know the ten core members of the B12 from football and basketball. They are Baylor,

Iowa St, Kansas, Kansas St, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, TCU, Texas, Texas Tech, and West Virginia. Common knowledge of everyone, but that's not the whole list. Yes, NOT the whole list. Who are these mystery teams that can win a jack and coke at the bar? Let's take a look.

There is this term call "Affiliate Members" and the B12 conference has ten of them. These affiliate members participate in the B12 conference sports that their major membership conferences do not participate. There's not a geographical reason or competition level reason for alignment. Simply, a university has a sport that needs a conference in order to compete. Here is a list of universities that participate in B12 conference and which sport they are affiliated.

Did you know that hated SEC rivals Alabama and Tennessee are actually apart of B12 conference? Or that smaller schools such as South Dakota State are also in B12? Probably not.

Now, the way to win this bet in bar will be all about how you word the question. If you ask, "How many members are in the B12 conference?", you will be buying drinks. Because, we only have ten true members. But if you ask, "How many universities compete in B12 conference athletics?", you will drink all night for free!!!



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