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Does the Big 12 still have a shot at the College Football Playoffs?


Here we are entering Week 11 and as things currently sit Oklahoma at #11 is the Big12's best chance at reaching the College Football Playoffs. The Sooners are 7-2 overall but 6-0 in conference play. I'll be the first one to say that in my opinion they shouldn't be in the conversation for a playoff appearance. The two losses earlier in the season to Houston and Ohio State pretty much eliminated them in my mind at that time. Also, even if this Oklahoma team manages to run the table in conference, something that has never happened since the conference went to 10 teams, this team just doesn't have the feel of an actual contender this year. With all the injuries and the awful defense I just don't see it.

Oklahoma State is currently ranked 13th and sitting at 7-2 overall and 5-1 in conference. While the Cowboys have been on a roll lately, winning their last 5 games, this is another team that I can't see getting high enough to make any noise in the playoff picture. The disastrous loss (Win?) to Central Michigan and the loss to Baylor have most likely limited their ceiling to a Sugar Bowl appearance if they can win out. I do have to say I am interested to see how the playoff committee would handle the Central Michigan result if the Cowboys do win out and there are some upsets down the stretch.

West Virginia is currently ranked 16th and sitting 8-1 overall and 4-1 in conference.  West Virginia arguably should have the best chance of any Big 12 team to make the playoff, yet here they sit as the lowest ranked team from the conference.  I don't know what Dana Holgerson did to upset the committee but it might be time to try and bury the hatchet.  The Mountaineers have played really good football this season and have been the most consistent team on both sides of the ball in the conference this year.  Even in their lone loss against Oklahoma State you could argue that the team played well.  It was a game decided by the untimely appearance of costly turnovers that they had been able to avoid for most of the season.  The good news for the Mountaineers is that after this weekends game versus Texas they will have the remainder of their tough games in Morgantown.  With the lack of respect that they are currently being shown by the committee (currently behind nine two loss teams) I don't think that even if they were to win out that they will be able to force their way in to the playoffs.

In the end it looks like the Big 12 will be left out this year and really should be in my opinion. Does this mean that we need to go into full on panic mode as a conference again? No, this is just a down year for the conference. With all of the young talent across the league the Big 12 should be back in the playoff discussion next year and then we'll have the 13th data point that we've heard so much about.

Cullen Clark

Co-Host Big XII Country Podcast


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