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SEC: Respect and Hate

Looking at SEC vs other power 5 conferences.

First, let me say this to start this post.... I HATE THE SEC!!! If you don't hate the SEC, you either have a sub-par degree from one of the SEC universities (Not named Vanderbilt) or you're dating your sibling. The most annoying thing about SEC is having to listen to the fans talk about how great the SEC is every year. Bottom feeder teams in conference have fans who think getting their ass kicked every game in conference is okay because they are in SEC. Sorry, that just means your team sucks. The upper portion of the conference thinks football was invented in Alabama. The absolute worst thing SEC fans do is on Saturdays during games. We hear the crowd chant "SEC, SEC, SEC". Okay we get it, the rest of the country gets it, you can spell "SEC" correctly. No need in trying to impress us.

But is my hatred for all things SEC valid? Am I looking at the conference in the right context? I wanted to find out if I was on the right track. So, I decided to look into the numbers of SEC football versus the other four power 5 conferences. I examined head to head, bowl games, and national titles from the beginning of the BCS era in 1997 to the end of last year. What I found has changed my perception on SEC to a degree.

First, I want to examine the head to head match-ups. Sec versus the other four power 5 conferences. I made sure to not count the sorry non-conference games against lesser conferences for all of the power 5 teams. Here is a list of winning percentages by conference versus the other power 5 conferences.

SEC- .592

PAC 12- .546

Big 12- .504

Big 10- .448

ACC- .411

Based on these results from 1997 to the end of last season, the SEC has best winning percentage against other power 5 conferences. It's pretty clear cut when looking at this. The SEC wins basically 6 out of 10 games played against other power 5 conference teams. Where as ACC is only 4 out of 10. We are not off to a good start if your a non-SEC fan (me). Which lets hope you're not, because why would you be reading a Big 12 blog? 

The next thing that I wanted to research is bowl winning percentage. Before I get to the statistics, let me say that this stat can be misleading. Bowl games really don't matter in the grand scheme of things. Unless you are winning the national championship, it's kind of irrelevant. Does winning the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl or Beef O' Brady's Bowl (both are actual bowls from the past) really make a teams better in the eyes of football fans? Nope. But it's a stat that some people like to use. So here is conference bowl winning percentage since 2006.

SEC- .649

PAC 12- .568

Big 12- .518

ACC- .388

Big 10- .373

What does this mean? Not sure, but the SEC is doing better than the other conferences when it comes to bowl wins.

Last and most importantly, I have to end with national titles. That's what every fan, player, coach, and university wants at the end of a football season. The SEC has dominated in taking the trophy home. Here is a list of national titles by conference since '97.

SEC- 10

ACC- 3

Big 10- 2

Big 12- 2

Pac 12- 1

These numbers speak loudly to the SEC domination on the football field. I can sugarcoat or try to gloss over this, but I would look as dumb as a fan in the stadium wearing Tide boxes and toilet paper rolls (Roll Tide). The conference won seven in a row from 2006-12. I'm having a hard time saying anything negative about these statistics.

So, what does all this information mean to me the non-SEC fan? It means the SEC is good, real good. If we want our conference to be as good we have to start beating the SEC in recruiting, in facilities, in coaches, in fan support, and most importantly in games. The whole damn country needs to stop belly aching about SEC bias and try to beat them. The SEC is the best conference in college football when you look at the numbers. (That was real hard to type)

But SEC fans, you are still the most annoying thing in college football. When I really think about it, what else do SEC fans have to cheer about in the southeastern part United States? Maybe we should just give them a pass for having to live in that wasteland.

So after all the information is processed, I can honestly say that I RESPECT SEC football, but I HATE the SEC fans.

SEC fans can send all hate tweets to me @Cullen_B12C


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